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Jumbo Mumbo

So what if this has nothing to do with art or basketball? Sniveling little maggots like you wouldn’t even be able to enjoy blogs or basketball if it weren’t for the greatest country on earth, right coach? Click on the image to enjoy Mr. Ditka’s pertinent insights from his five good minutes on PTI or get the heck out.

Ditka Loves This Country

big ups to m’man Adam Wit for audio support.


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OH SNAP ! how did HE get in on this….

well, since there’s a serious lack of the “A” in AFBL lately , john has given me permission to spout occassionally as the resident art expert. if i find good art or good artists that i think folks might be into , i’ll give you all a holler about it .

for example : did you know good old isaac lin is in a show that opens tonight ? fleisher/ollman gallery…blah, blah,blah, yeah i pulled that off the space’s website , whatever. the art auction is tonight at the space too , in case you dwell beneath rocks.

i probably won’t post a lot. i dont really like a lot of art. and i promise to never spell check .

but since jay in writing about the NBA more than the AFBL , i figure i’ll do my part to keep this from becoming FREEYARROW.COM

and one of my “patrons” appears to be broke :

deal of a life time ….


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the time is near

Week 1 set the stage. Now, we have to bring the real stuff in Week 2. I’ve been drinking a lot of hot chocolate in preparation for Saturday’s games. What does hot chocolate do, you ask? I’m not 100% sure, but we’ll find out soon enough. Jay and I didn’t get our head to head battle, maybe we won’t even this weekend. But, it’s bound to happen eventually. It’s not really a major concern for me, I have my job to do. Keeping the L going, growing, and strong is my priority. Swatting Jay’s shots are the icing on the cake. It was hard not to do it, even when I was on his team last week.

Rumor has it we may have a few more rookies this Saturday. I’m also anxious to see if the Ballzman can repeat his performance from Week 1. Was it a fluke?

John Freeborn


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