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Stats for Week 8, 12-16-2006 are live

StatVideo has been a complete failure. So unless people start pitching in you can stop bitching. With that said, it did allow me to do stats in other places, so maybe it wasn’t a complete failure.

Highlights from Week 8:

Points/Points Per/FG%
Nicky Santore and John Freeborn go toe to toe.
Nicky with 32 pts. on 38 attempts (42.1%), 2.7 pts/gm
John goes for 30 pts. on 35 attempts (42.9%), 2.5 pts/gm

But John Ballz comes in only 4 games and attempts 35, getting 2.8 pts/gm (31.4%)

#1. 5.5 rebs/gm Jules Cornielius
#2. 4.8 rebs/gm John Freeborn (and jay says I’m a one-dimensional chucker)
#3. 4.0 rebs/gm Don Kahler & John Ballzarini
#4. 3.5 rebs/gm Nicky Santore

Andrew Jones may have garnered the ugliest near-tripple double ever: 12 pts, 9 rebs, 11 asstist, while shooting 17.6%. Other notable assisters: Christian (9), Yarrow & John Freeborn (7), Chris Reggiani (6)

Jay Yarrow gets the ugly tripple dip with 10 tos, 12 pts, and 14 rebs. John Freeborn had 9, and Chris Reggiani had 8.

Christian is clearly rookie of the year.In week 8 he almost pulls the quadruple double: 16 pts, 9 rebs, 9 assists, and 10 steals.

Santore bring the D, 5 blocks.

Fantasy Evaluations
#1. 13.5 – John Freeborn & Nicky Santore tie for 1st
#3. 12.9 – Christian
#4. 11.1 – Jules Corneilius
#5. 10.9 – Ballzman
#6. 8.6 – Andrew Jones
#7. 8.1 – Mike R
#8. 7.5 – Chris Reggiani
#9. 7 – Yarrow (sad)
#10. 5.25 – Don Kahler



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StatVideo for Week 8

StatVideo page now has video for some of week 8. All of week up will be up there by Thursday. No one has attempted to do some stats yet. Will it happen? Stay tuned.

— update —

All of the week 8 videos are up. There was some issue with game 1. But other than that it’s all up.

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ABFL StatVideo

As much as I love Jay’s ramblings, there is AFBL business to attend to as well. I’ve just launched a new private AFBL StatVideo page. This page will allow everyone to take part in the joy that Don and I have had for years. By joy, I mean pain. You can all now participate in the stat keeping of the league. On this webpage page I will post games in their entirety, so that people can hop on and do some stats. When you’ve completed a game, email me the numbers and I will assemble them with that day’s daily totals. When a day is complete I will post that to the statabase for the world to enjoy. Co-0perative effort, that’s the dream.

I have to say that these videos are huge, The first one from Week 7 is 13 minutes and 30 seconds long (short by AFBL game standards) and is over 110 MBs. High speed connection is a must here. Also, DO NOT, email these links to your friends! My bandwidth is limited, so this is for us only.

OK, enough jabbering – email me for the link, and be a part of the stat solution.


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Season 6, stats for week 2

VP of operation, and head of AV, Don Kahler has completed and inserted stats from week 2 into the AFBL Statabase. 10 monster games went down with 19 participants.

Stat Highlights:
Nicky Santore continues his bid for AFBL MVP, his first ever tripple double (32 Pts, 29 Rebs, 11 Steals) put him ahead of the pack.
Jason Haas continues, to get his named spelled differently, but posted a 2nd straight tripple double. (the normal way, 22 Pts, 12 Rebs, 11 Asts)
Rookie of the year is now a race, between last weeks upstart, Josh Ferguson, who continued his solid play, but now has some competition from Chris who posted a tripple double in his AFBL debut.
Isaac Lin made his return to the AFBL after several seasons off.

Highs and Lows:
Points/Game: Nicky Santore (4.6), John Freeborn (3.7), Tony Larson & Jason Haas (3.1)
FG%: Tony Larson (60%), John Freeborn (50%), Jay Yarow (8.7%)
Rebounds/Game: Nicky Santore (4.1), Andrew Freeborn (4.0), John Freeborn (3.3)
Assists/Game: Jason Haas (1.6), Chris (1.4), Isaac Lin (0.8)
Steals/Game: Nicky Santore (1.6), John Freeborn (1.1), 4 others tied at 1.0
Blocks/Game: Josh Ferguson (0.5), three others tied at 0.3

Fantasy Top 5:
Nicky Santore: 23.9
Jason Haas: 18.9
Chris: 17.9
John Freeborn: 11.1
Tony Larson: 10.5

– John Freeborn

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Season 6 stats come online

The statabase for Season 6 has been updated. Week 1 is up, and week 2 will be up shortly. You can view all the past and current stats at the AFBL statabase. All player pages have been updated also to reflect the seaon 6 entries. This is part of why the AFBL is THE ELITE league in the nation.

Stats of interest from Week 1: Ballman got 55 attempts, Haas and Yarow both had tripple doubles (Yaz’s was ugly, getting 10 pts on 25% shooting – Haas on the other hand had 15 assists), shooting percentage was 30.2% for the day.

– John Freeborn

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Week 1, Stat Update .5

Stats are coming in from week 1, and they are not pretty. Overall shooting percentage of 26.8% is bad, even by AFBL standards. On top of that, the stats so far are only for the first 4 games. (of 8 total) Usually the numbers get worse as the day goes on.

Half days highs and lows after 4 of 8 games:
Total Points & Points/Game: Jason Hoss (14 / 3.5 Pts/Gm), Ballz was right there with 3.4 Pts/Gm, Yarrow (0.6 Pts/Gm)

Field Goal %: John Freeborn (41.7%), Yarrow (9.1%)
Total Rebounds & Rebounds/Game: Andrew Freeborn & John Freeborn (18), JohnFreeborn (5.1 Rebs/Gm), Kevin Henderson (5.0 Rebs/Gm)

Assists & Assists/Game: Kevin Henderson (5, 1.7 Ast/Gm), everyone had at least 1 – unheard of
TOs: Kevin Henderson Nicky Santore (6)

Steals: John Freeborn, Andrew Jones, and Jason Hoss (4)

Blocks: Andrew Freeborn (3)

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