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Vegan Baller

I was on true hoop which is now run through espn which is very odd. I suppose when comes knocking at the AFBLog’s door we’ll answer and invite them in also, but it still doesn’t negate the strangness of the whole thing. There is an excerpt and a link to a story about Atlanta Hawk player, Salim Stoudamire being a vegan. In the AFBL we have myself, Haas, AJW, Ben Jones and Andrew Jones, who I think are all vegans. It says that Stoudamire has more energy due to his diet. This is an interesting little tid bit to me.

Today I slept till noon after going to bed at 2:30 am. I then ate breakfast and read then took an hour long nap. I then did some other stuff and read some more. I took another shorter nap. The naps were at 3:00 and 9:30 each. Where is my energy? After taking the first nap I got scared that something might be wrong with me and I should see a doctor.

Anyway here is the basketball link, check it out dawgzz:



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White People all look the Same

You people out there might eventually have to pay for this material. I got into school at NYU for journalism and therefore hence might eventually be a professional writer. Not just the resident genius at the AFBlog. Of course the way things are going, you probably won’t have to pay for a newspaper or a magazine, you’ll get it for free on line and I’ll have to suck dick to get by just like Houser.

The reason I bring this up is that in journalism I’ve been told or heard or heard through the grapevine that you are not supposed to bury the lead. I excel at burying the lead, at traveling through completely obscure metaphors to arrive at my point. If you’ve read any of my posts I think it’s pretty obvious. Take for instance the post about Jay-Z and John Freeborn. It’s convoluted and weak at best, as far as the connection is concerned.

And here I am getting off topic, burying my lead. I wanted to write a long opening, but decided I should put the best part up front then put in the filler. Then this mess happened. I can’t help myself. I might have lost my audience already. This is what I envision my journalism teachers telling me. They’ll probably tell me to take out all the digs at Houser and Freeborn too. I’m not sure I’ll have what it takes to make it in the field of writing. Whatever.

I went to the Sixers game with My World Famous Artist Friend Jim Houser the past Sunday. Our seats were directly behind the Sixers bench, courtside. We were lucky enough to witness a little history. The Sixers lost by 50 points. That loss is the worst home loss in the history of the franchise. The Rockets own the Sixers. The last game they played against each other the Rockets were ahead by 37 going into the fourth quarter. This time they were up by 36. The first game the Rockets won by 20, this game they won by 50. I think the problem was that Mo Cheeks didn’t put in Fake Korver soon enough.

Kyle Korvers

I screamed and yelled for this guy to get in, but it wasn’t until garbage time that they put him in. On the ride home I learned via sports radio that Fake Korver was signed to a 10 day contract. I looked up his numbers while he was in college:

Fake Korver Stats

His 2005-6 stats are decent, but how does this guy make it to the NBA? Are they hoping that he’ll be funny and turn into the next Paul Shirley? Is that something the Sixers even want or need? The Sixers are awful. They’re so bad that it’s funny. We stayed for the whole game, they don’t need a quasi-funny guy like Shirley on the squadron. They’ve got Sammy Dalembert. Watching Dalembert get juked by Yao Ming’s slow motion maneuvers is enough comedy for me.

Houser described it as such: “Sammy defense is like a dog. When you pretend to throw a ball to a dog then hide the ball behind your back and the dog takes off running, that’s how throwing a head fake at Sammy works.” He’s totally right. We watched Yao post up Sammy get jammed throw a minor head fake at Dalembert which led to Dalembert jumping, then shooting right over him. Dalembert is stupid.

Remember when I said that thing about burying the lead, this is what I meant. All I really wanted to post in here is this picture of Ed Snider and me. I saw him walking across the court at half time and got Jim to take this photo.

Ed Snider and Jay

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Protocol Issues

I don’t know the protocol for linking to other people’s pages and essentially reshaping a relevant blogs information, but I’m going to throw this stuff out there.  Agent Zero is so hot right now.  It’s disturbing considering the precipitous drop in his game.  Klosterman wrote about him in Ny Times Play Magazine.  Then Freedarko responded to that.  Then I saw this on truehoop which linked to the actual post

So Gilbert takes his free throws. As he gets ready for the third and final one, he turns to the Golden State bench and says: ‘Go to the lockerroom. Get on the bus. It’s over.

Gilbert Arenas is such a strange figure.  He feels like the closest thing in the NBA to the Arcade Fire.  The Arcade Fire is one of those critical darling bands but has begun to generate cross over success.  As is witnessed by their profiles in the Ny Times Sunday Magazine  and the New Yorker.  Hell, even Tony Kornheiser is openly petitioning the listeners of his radio show to give him tickets to their sold out D.C. show.  I personally don’t care much for teh Arcade Fire, but I respect bands that seemingly do this on their own and make it big time.

Gilbert Arenas is going the same route.  He is generating his own star power with his quirkiness.  However, when will he have to step up?  Will he ever be a star like T-Mac and V.C. who burn for a minute on skills and then fade out all together?  Will Arenas ever win anything and would he become a bigger star if he was somewhere besides D.C.?

I just wanted to post that insane bit about telling the team to get on the bus before he took his last shot.  Last year he choked in the playoffs when LeBron handed him the ball on the free throw line and said this is your season, don’t fuck it up.  This year he’s calling people out in the regular season.  Dude’s got stones. 

I am interested in this because of the level of confidence and bravado it takes to do something like that.  Not just on a basketball court.  I’m talking about every where in life.  I never ever feel that confident.  If I ever feel good about something, I immediately start to wonder why I feel good and then I get paranoid about the fact that I’m paranoid about the feeling I thought was good.  Then it’s usually over.  What happens to Gilberto?  Does he not feel those feelings?  What happens when he is wrong?  Can he just laugh it off?  These are the burning questions in my life.

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Dunk Follow Up

Jim seems to think these will help me dunk. I’ll try anything. But probably not these:

Jump Shoes

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We have a hero now!

It’s being reported that ex-NBAer John Amaechi

Read the story here –> 


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Week 12-Errata

If you’ve happened to find yourself on this blog in the past 12 hours and read the “Is it Tuesday?” post, then let me start by apologizing.  I went an anomolous route.  I employed a friend to help me write that post.  Normally he makes me a gregarious fellow.  As such I assumed it would follow that I’d be a literary fellow also.  It wasn’t to be, unfortunately.  Though I allowed openings for digressions and errata I never followed them.  The post was pithy.  And when I woke up the next morning I realized my friend had let me down.  I’d hit the bottom of the rocks as a blaggot.  So I’ve erased that post, I’m reconstructing it and I’m attempting to restoke the flames of desire for this entire blog.

I haven’t written about the Sixers because I haven’t watched the Sixers since a week after the Iverson trade.  Initially, I found their ineptitude amusing.  Now, I find it tiresome.  The only team that interests me at all is the Suns.  They have everyone interested.  Unfortunately, I don’t really see them winning it all.  Maybe if the Colts win on Sunday I’ll change my mind.  Or maybe if the Suns win a game against a tough opponet like the Mavs, Spurs, Lakers or Jazz, then I’ll start to believe.  Until then, it is just fun to watch them.

How far off the radar has the Iverson and Anthony tandem gone?  I don’t know if it’s because they are in Denver or what, but nobody talks about it.  I haven’t heard a thing about Iverson.  There was a blip after the first game together.  The funniest thing I read was by Bethlem Shoals of FreeDarko fame on his aol sports blog.  I don’t regularly read it, I just sorta wound up there.  He said, “the Nuggets idea of unselfish basketball seems to be no look passes.”  This laconic statement laced with sarcasim is an omen.  Kelly Dwyer, I think, also on Free Darko, wrote that you didn’t see this many behind the back passes ten years ago.  The portentous nature of these statements is two fold. 

One.  Has Steve Nash’s back to back MVP awards, along with the drooling throngs of Chris Paul fans created a fundamental shift in the ideology of the NBA?  Are the phony Jordananiacs dying off, to be replaced by a new era of guys that think its fashionable to make bizzaro passes?  Think about it.  When you dunk in a crowded lane, its rather unsexy.  If you run into that crowded lane look left and then throw a bounce pass to the right between someone else’s legs, it’s pretty much amazing.  After making the pass, all the pressure is off the passer.  It’s almost a defense mechanism.  It’s in essence a way to say, “I’ve done my job, it’s now on you.”  And if the recipient of an absurdo pass is caught off guard, then they look foolish for letting the team down.

two.  This will be the undoing of the Nuggets.  If they try to play a Suns-Globetrotters hybrid they’ll distintigrate.  How many bobbled passes by Reggie Evans will Iverson tolerate?  Will Iverson tolerate the untalented version of himself in J.R. Smith as he clanks a 1 for 9 evening leading to a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats?  And there were rumors that, No Homo, A.I. and Melo are too close as friends.  Melo, he of Stop Snitching fame, and Iverson he of notorious gambling and partying habits.  Are these guys really going to beat anyone in the west?  Of course not.  Denver is going to be let down like Philly was when Webber came here.   

What does this have to do with the AFBL?

Last week’s balling started off somewhat auspiciously.  Avon Grove high school sent their alumni team out to McCall.  Josh Ferguson, John Balzarini, Andrew Jones and Toby Leahman all went to school together and played as a squad in the first four games.  They picked up Jason Haas after the first game.  They’ve know each other for quite some time and it showed on the court as they rattled off the four straight victories.  Never underestimate the power of chemistry in the AFBL.  They were literally able to read each others minds.  That is a distinct advantage in the AFBL.  I think.  If anyone on my team could read my thoughts, they’d just get scared.  They’d immediately come to me looking for the ball.  “Oh my god, he wants to do a bounce pass alley oop to someone posted up in the lane,” my teammate would learn.  Instead of backing down their defender and then spinning as I slam the ball into the court to give it proper elevation they’d come and grab the ball away from me.  And why do I want to do this?  Because I’m one of those slobbering throngs in love with the point guard.  I love the defense mechanism I can employ.  If I don’t shoot too much, then it’s not my fault we lost.  And my teams lost alot last week. 

We lost in part becuase the second week of the three point experiment has totally ruined my game.  Even more so than it was already ruined.  Ever see those bikes on the street that have been sitting out for ever and eventually someone starts denting and bending the rims of the tires?  That was my game before.  Now that there is a three point line, take the rubber off the tire, remove the seat and get rid of the bike chain too, and you have an idea about my game.  If I made the chuckers list today, I’d be 1 2 and 3.  It’s bad.

HOUSER WATCH:  Week 12, Double Shot!

Houser is a fan of the blog in general and the Houser Watch in particular.  He’s always the first to respond.  I respect that.  He was the only one that read the first, truncated version of my post.  I hope.  Our boy is leaving for Australia soon, so I might run thin on material about Houser.  But why not blow my load here and throw down a double shot of Houser Watch material.  I mean, if you’ve made it through all the other stuff I wrote, its the least I can do.

1.  Jimmy attempted to dribble between someone’s legs en route to the hoop last week.  It was not the first and it will not be the last time he tries to do something like this.  I personally love it.  It is the definitive act of the AFBL.  Where else can you do something like this?  On the Denver Nuggets?  Okay, maybe.  But I already told you that wont last very long.  This AFBL is strong and it will remain strong as long as people pick up on Houser’s gunning tendencies and Pres. Freeborn’s circus tendencies.

2.  Last year Houser told me that on his short drive home after basketball he throws out his socks.  After every game he takes off hsi sweaty socks and rather than wash them or hold on to them he just (unsurprisingly) chucks them.  Here is what he said in a response to my initial post.

“it started as a skateboarding thing… after a sesh, my feet would hurt . felt good to take off the socks . but who wants to carry around socks ?  it’s evolved into a game . there’s a trash can on 4th street . i ball the socks up while i am driving, and try to chuck them in the can . aint made it yet.  so, if your see a ball of socks on the ground near essene , now you know whose they are.  whatwhat.”

Have I mentioned that he’s crazy?


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Our Boys All Grown Up

Remember when I said, Iverson works on spite? Look at my man’s line from last night: 39 minute, 22 points on 9 of 15 shooting, 10 assists and 2 turnovers. Without practicing with the team he got 10 assists! It ain’t 84 points but it’s damn good. Andrew Freeborn was talking about flying out to Denver on the 20th for his first game with Melo. I’m down. Anybody else interested?

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