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The AFBlog came together so nicely because it’s called the AFBlog. It’s a perfect nomeclature. It nestles into itself splendindly. I wish all things could be named so easily. A catchy title is half the battle. Look at teams like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays or Atlanta Thrashers. How can we take them seriously with such awkward dopey names? When a team like the San Jose Sharks or the Baltimore Ravens materialize it’s easier to accept them because of their fluid names.

Last year one Mr. Jim Houser, he of the Watch fame, suggested that we start an AFBL march madness tournament. Everyone would partner up for a two on two contest and then we could create a bracket. It was a great idea then and I hope it is a great idea now. I sent out an email today, so far all I have is myself and Mr. Houser, Nicky and Dom, and AJW looking for another baller. I hope more people get stoked. If I have to mention it at the game next Saturday, then I will, but this could be really fun if more people join. The games will be run to 8 by just 1’s. No three balls. Street rules, winner keeps, take back on everything. No Kobe elbows, otherwise loose and fast style games.

I’d like more people to join because I don’t want to make me and Jim the top seed give us a bye and then play the winner of AJW/TBD against Dom/Nicky. Winning that might feel somewhat unfulfilling.

I wish I had a catchy name for this event. I can’t think of any puns or spin offs invloving the AFBL moniker. If anyone can come up with a good name then I think this thing can be a success. And don’t call it something dumb like the Columbus Blue Jackets. You know?


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We have a hero now!

It’s being reported that ex-NBAer John Amaechi

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