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AFBL Season 6 Finale

Season 6 finale


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White People all look the Same

You people out there might eventually have to pay for this material. I got into school at NYU for journalism and therefore hence might eventually be a professional writer. Not just the resident genius at the AFBlog. Of course the way things are going, you probably won’t have to pay for a newspaper or a magazine, you’ll get it for free on line and I’ll have to suck dick to get by just like Houser.

The reason I bring this up is that in journalism I’ve been told or heard or heard through the grapevine that you are not supposed to bury the lead. I excel at burying the lead, at traveling through completely obscure metaphors to arrive at my point. If you’ve read any of my posts I think it’s pretty obvious. Take for instance the post about Jay-Z and John Freeborn. It’s convoluted and weak at best, as far as the connection is concerned.

And here I am getting off topic, burying my lead. I wanted to write a long opening, but decided I should put the best part up front then put in the filler. Then this mess happened. I can’t help myself. I might have lost my audience already. This is what I envision my journalism teachers telling me. They’ll probably tell me to take out all the digs at Houser and Freeborn too. I’m not sure I’ll have what it takes to make it in the field of writing. Whatever.

I went to the Sixers game with My World Famous Artist Friend Jim Houser the past Sunday. Our seats were directly behind the Sixers bench, courtside. We were lucky enough to witness a little history. The Sixers lost by 50 points. That loss is the worst home loss in the history of the franchise. The Rockets own the Sixers. The last game they played against each other the Rockets were ahead by 37 going into the fourth quarter. This time they were up by 36. The first game the Rockets won by 20, this game they won by 50. I think the problem was that Mo Cheeks didn’t put in Fake Korver soon enough.

Kyle Korvers

I screamed and yelled for this guy to get in, but it wasn’t until garbage time that they put him in. On the ride home I learned via sports radio that Fake Korver was signed to a 10 day contract. I looked up his numbers while he was in college:

Fake Korver Stats

His 2005-6 stats are decent, but how does this guy make it to the NBA? Are they hoping that he’ll be funny and turn into the next Paul Shirley? Is that something the Sixers even want or need? The Sixers are awful. They’re so bad that it’s funny. We stayed for the whole game, they don’t need a quasi-funny guy like Shirley on the squadron. They’ve got Sammy Dalembert. Watching Dalembert get juked by Yao Ming’s slow motion maneuvers is enough comedy for me.

Houser described it as such: “Sammy defense is like a dog. When you pretend to throw a ball to a dog then hide the ball behind your back and the dog takes off running, that’s how throwing a head fake at Sammy works.” He’s totally right. We watched Yao post up Sammy get jammed throw a minor head fake at Dalembert which led to Dalembert jumping, then shooting right over him. Dalembert is stupid.

Remember when I said that thing about burying the lead, this is what I meant. All I really wanted to post in here is this picture of Ed Snider and me. I saw him walking across the court at half time and got Jim to take this photo.

Ed Snider and Jay

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Jumbo Mumbo

So what if this has nothing to do with art or basketball? Sniveling little maggots like you wouldn’t even be able to enjoy blogs or basketball if it weren’t for the greatest country on earth, right coach? Click on the image to enjoy Mr. Ditka’s pertinent insights from his five good minutes on PTI or get the heck out.

Ditka Loves This Country

big ups to m’man Adam Wit for audio support.

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