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art STARS , re: shameless self promotion.

hey dudes .

so , my buddy matt leines is having a show at the space on april 6th. he is rad, his art is rad , and you should go look at it.

the good thing about shows at the space is that they dont get popping until 9 or 10 . that would would give you more than enough time to go to the painted bride from 6-8 for the other show that night. mine.

houser .


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you are hereby ordered to to attend amy’s show , friday at the painted bride.

that is all.


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i am an idiot .


apparently , i no longer know how to post photos…

sorry bout that

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this photo is from the the 1026ers opening at the ICA . many of the artists in philly, hell , the country , would cut off their ear to have a single painting hung at that place .this is the space’s SECOND show there.

i like this photo because they are all in it (well , most of them anyway ) in it , posing for the fans . they deserve the adoration. i never would have guessed that the this dirty,dungeon of a place , founded to avoid getting actual jobs , would become a philly institution .

10 fucking years. crazy. you should hug these people when you see them and say thanks.

stay rad , 1026 arch street .

on a less art related note ( but relevant due skate faggotry’s relationship to art faggotry ) : mike stein from traffic sent me a gold mine of a link…

it has some of the best video parts you’ll remember from when you were ages 16-20 .

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what does the outside world think ?

so goood.

there’s a youtube video of joe rose shooting a jumper . search “afbl” .

one of the comments is :

“nice jerseys, its obviously a very organized league. And i love how that guy that shot it is wearin loafers to play basektball. and the defensive effort by the man in the white shirt is second to none. ”

hey , man in the white shirt , andrew jones , they callin out your D !

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art shit again.

there’s a show up right now with andrew wright and other shitty artists like me up at collette , in paris . i recommend everyone fly over and check it out. the food and wine over there is just delish .

or you could just check it out online :

all the names on the list are click-on-able , and you can see what everyone did.

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non art-related b-ball musings…

i miss jay ! where are his ribald zingers ??? where’s he gone ?

i just thought i stop painting to mention a few things , inspired by this disgusting showing up in NYC where the boys in black are down 20 to the grossest team ever.

thing one : the way steve mix says the word “move” makes my stomach turn. he adds all these extra letters, real fast i can’t even spell it … it’s like , “MAEOOOVE ” . or worse , “SPIN MAEOOOVE” . ug.

thing two : scottie pipen looks like osama bin laden , sans beard . racist, you say ? ok , he looks like a easter island head. is that better ?

thing three : if i was a basketball beat writer in chicago during the nineties , i could’ve made all the other reporters laugh at the press conference following a loss ….

“why the long face, scottie ? ”

i hate basketball now . thanks sixers !

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