So first the league was on the blacktop of McCall.  Then the league was in the McCall gym.  Somewhere in there a website was born, as were stats pages.  Then the blog.  Now this.

The first ever group AFBL art show is this Saturday at the brand new gallery-retail space started by the Rebecca Keller Andrew Freeborn union on 623 2nd Street.  Thats just north of Spring Garden across from Reload baggetry which as you may know is also AFBL related.  How so?  Well at the AFBL players show this saturday you can find out.

Art Saturday




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2 responses to “BIG DEAL=AFBL Art Show

  1. Oh I see how it is. My shit isn’t cool enough!?

    friggin’ jocks.

  2. Vaya uno a saber como llegue a este blog, el tema es que al leer esa entrada me encontru00e9 un tanto preocupado, ya que soy uno de los libres promulg Click

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