Week 20-Out the Door

That’s it. That’s been it. Close to two weeks ago we lopped the head off another season of AFBL. And fittingly we closed the season with John Freeborns continued presidential ineptitude.

Perhaps you received the email from El Pressodinty promising one more time. One last whirl on the AFBL tilt-a-wheel. I rode my bike to McCall. When I showed up Freebone and a few others stood befuddled and exasperated at the door to the school. As Crazy Don warned me the Friday night before the promised last game, “Isn’t the school closed after holidays? I think the school was closed on Friday, the building is always closed when that happens. Are you sure there is ball tomorrow.”

I have blind faith in the commander in cheif, so I responded, “I’m 100 percent sure. John said there was going to be basketball, so there is going to be basketball.”

Crazy Don has known John longer than me, so he knew not to trust J Free. He didn’t show up on Saturday. John, his wife Amy, Jason Haas, Nicky Santore and Jules all shivered outside McCall awaiting an unlocking that would never occur. They banged on the door, telephoned the janitor, put up a good fight, but it never materialized in entry to the sacred gym of the AFBL.

They stood around looking at each other trying to figure out what to do.

Looking at them with a curious look on it’s face was the outdoor court of McCall. The two people that occupied the court left after fifteen minutes of our waiting. The assembled gang kept looking at the locked door. The basketball court looked at them. It asked, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ A tear fell from its face.

I grabbed the ball from J Free’s hand and said to the court nothing is wrong with you.

Then I started shooting at the basket. Between you and me-I hope the court can’t read this blog-the net is low. The court is not regulation length. But you know what? It was still basketball and thereforehence fun. I was shooting, figuring out the wind enjoying the lowered hoop’s increasing my shooting percentages.

Dominick who’d joined the mopey gang, waiting for the door to be unlocked, defected and came out to the court and started shooting with me. A short while after that everyone came over and we were all shooting. We started a game afterwards. The short court saved us from being exhausted. The short court also allowed me to heave half court shots to the chagrin of my teammates. And the greatest benefit from the outdoor court, the first ever attempt of a dunk in an AFBL game.

Jules had a fast break. He went up with the ball and almost threw it down. Both hands strangled the rim but the ball shot off. It was a legitimate attempt and it nearly came through.

Today I was watching the Gilbert Arenas DeShawn Stevenson shooting contest you tube clip and I became nostalgic for some AFBL. Is any one interested in occasionally running game on the McCall outdoor court?

HOUSER WATCH- Week 20, Viral

Jim didn’t ball in the last game. He was too drunk on champagne after a very successful, very tremendously spectacular art show to play ball the last Saturday.

As usual his angsty behavior went viral whilst he was off the court. This week it infected the least likely source of all time–Nicky.

I was on Nicky’s team. As we know, and I’d like to think he acknowledges this, Nicky rolls into many double teams and shoots. He still shoots a high percentage. But his assist totals are not exactly Nash-like. Early in the second game of the afternoon, he rolled into a double with my man coming to get him. Rather than shoot over the double he passed to me. I was caught off guard. I missed the pass all together.

On the run back, I’m guessing in a totally unprovoked manner, I said, “I misssed it, I’m not used to Nicky passing.”

Well, if you want to rile Nicky, that’s all it takes. In a Houser mimic moment Nicky became indignant and fired some comment back at me. The rest of the day he refused to pass to me. That was fun.


Nicky taking on both Andrew Jones and John Freeborn with Jules (the guy that can dunk) waiting for him. Me? Slightly open and likely shooting lights out. (Dominick is our teammate and seemingly also open, by the way.)


Andrew and John contest Nicky’s shot. Haas, waits for the rebound and Jules lurks. 4 on 1. Me? I look open. You know I don’t miss open shots, I just don’t. Andrew Jones was ‘guarding’ me.


So Nicky decides to kick it out, but not to me. I was open.

Okay, so I was never cutting to the basket, I just sat lazily at the 18 foot mark waiting for the ball, but, I was always open! I didn’t want to clutter the lane and I’m a bona fide pure shooter. Leave me alone.

Nicky might be able to get us a summer court. So, let me just say, this was all a joke and a ruse. Love ya Nicky.

xoxoxox Brick James



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2 responses to “Week 20-Out the Door

  1. the (c)answer

    i drove by with my mom, on the way to lunch . and i screamed, ” go home you fucking idiots ! ” but no one gave me the bird.

    so maybe no one heard it.

    but if you did , it was me.

    BTW , jay, i know you arent a vet from the first season and all , but we ran on that court for a whole summer season . me, saac, roland, john …. all the true league leaders.

    (also, thanks everybody who came to my show.)

  2. Wow Jay – you saved the day once again. In reality though, jay was as awful as usual, maybe worse – and the highlight of the season was an amazing out of the ballpark block I had on jay. He claims not to remember it. It was pretty devestating, so I don’t blame his feeble subconsious mind blocking it out.

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