Protocol Issues

I don’t know the protocol for linking to other people’s pages and essentially reshaping a relevant blogs information, but I’m going to throw this stuff out there.  Agent Zero is so hot right now.  It’s disturbing considering the precipitous drop in his game.  Klosterman wrote about him in Ny Times Play Magazine.  Then Freedarko responded to that.  Then I saw this on truehoop which linked to the actual post

So Gilbert takes his free throws. As he gets ready for the third and final one, he turns to the Golden State bench and says: ‘Go to the lockerroom. Get on the bus. It’s over.

Gilbert Arenas is such a strange figure.  He feels like the closest thing in the NBA to the Arcade Fire.  The Arcade Fire is one of those critical darling bands but has begun to generate cross over success.  As is witnessed by their profiles in the Ny Times Sunday Magazine  and the New Yorker.  Hell, even Tony Kornheiser is openly petitioning the listeners of his radio show to give him tickets to their sold out D.C. show.  I personally don’t care much for teh Arcade Fire, but I respect bands that seemingly do this on their own and make it big time.

Gilbert Arenas is going the same route.  He is generating his own star power with his quirkiness.  However, when will he have to step up?  Will he ever be a star like T-Mac and V.C. who burn for a minute on skills and then fade out all together?  Will Arenas ever win anything and would he become a bigger star if he was somewhere besides D.C.?

I just wanted to post that insane bit about telling the team to get on the bus before he took his last shot.  Last year he choked in the playoffs when LeBron handed him the ball on the free throw line and said this is your season, don’t fuck it up.  This year he’s calling people out in the regular season.  Dude’s got stones. 

I am interested in this because of the level of confidence and bravado it takes to do something like that.  Not just on a basketball court.  I’m talking about every where in life.  I never ever feel that confident.  If I ever feel good about something, I immediately start to wonder why I feel good and then I get paranoid about the fact that I’m paranoid about the feeling I thought was good.  Then it’s usually over.  What happens to Gilberto?  Does he not feel those feelings?  What happens when he is wrong?  Can he just laugh it off?  These are the burning questions in my life.


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