Week 14-Lulldroms

If an AFBL falls in the woods, does it make any sound?  What is the sound of one AFBL clapping?  These are the types of philosophical questions that spring forth after weekends like the last. 

We only had enough for 3 on 3.  7 people showed up all totaled.  It was still fun, but those situations are always awkward.  We warmed up, 5 of us, each eagerly eyeing the door hoping someone would come through the door.  Hoping someones, that is, would come through the door.  3 on 3 games lack the same fire, focus and intensity of the full court 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 style game.  They’re still fun, they’re just different.  You know, like the difference between your girlfriend and your wife. 

What perplexes me about this situation is why these lulls occur in the season.  There is little to no reason for an off week for attendance.  Occassionally we just have 3 on 3 days.  Occassionally we have 20 people in attendance.  What gives people?  Is it that hard to schedule Saturday off?  What else are you doing?  You’re supposed to be artists.  That means no work, lots of drinking for inspiration and making art at night.  That leaves 1 to 4 on Saturdays totally cool for balling.  Are you intimidated that your other art friends will call you a jock?  Well, if that’s how you feel, then you are a pussy and I’d rather you not sully my court with you excretions, if you know what I mean.

I hope eight people show up this weekend.  If you think I dominate a regular game-and you definitely should-you ought to see me own the 3 on 3.  It’s all ego stroking, runnign the games, but it gets boring. 

Melt snow, melt.

Week 14:  HOUSER WATCH, Boobs

Jimmy was all up in Australia.  I went there last year in March.  AJW told me there would be nakedness abound.  He was totally wrong.  If you want to see boobs then go to France.  Their beaches are home to many an uncovered breasticle. 

I bet Jim is super bummed.  He’s too shy to go to a strip club and too ugly, and annoying, to get a lady friend.  He thought he had to go all the way around the globe just to catch a glimpse of titty balls. 

Either that of he’s there skating in demos with Ed Templeton.  Which one seems more believeable?



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2 responses to “Week 14-Lulldroms

  1. i’m back.

    and nope, no boobs . whatever, i am an ass man anyway. but it was super rad there.

    and no demos . but street ripping in syndey , with giant fruit bats flying all around the city was definitely worth the 20 hour trip.

    photos to come.

  2. nickysant

    is saturday on this week? it’s prezzident’s day weekend- john freeborn please advise

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