this photo is from the the 1026ers opening at the ICA . many of the artists in philly, hell , the country , would cut off their ear to have a single painting hung at that place .this is the space’s SECOND show there.

i like this photo because they are all in it (well , most of them anyway ) in it , posing for the fans . they deserve the adoration. i never would have guessed that the this dirty,dungeon of a place , founded to avoid getting actual jobs , would become a philly institution .

10 fucking years. crazy. you should hug these people when you see them and say thanks.

stay rad , 1026 arch street .

on a less art related note ( but relevant due skate faggotry’s relationship to art faggotry ) : mike stein from traffic sent me a gold mine of a link…

it has some of the best video parts you’ll remember from when you were ages 16-20 .


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  1. 3 ball corner pocket

    i forcast a return of tiny tiny wheels and big big pants. it’s cyclical. this tight pants craze needs to stop. have you been to the mall lately?

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