Jumbo Mumbo

So what if this has nothing to do with art or basketball? Sniveling little maggots like you wouldn’t even be able to enjoy blogs or basketball if it weren’t for the greatest country on earth, right coach? Click on the image to enjoy Mr. Ditka’s pertinent insights from his five good minutes on PTI or get the heck out.

Ditka Loves This Country

big ups to m’man Adam Wit for audio support.


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One response to “Jumbo Mumbo

  1. mike bosniak

    That was some seriously inspirational jabber jibber.

    I think someone asked him to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and that was the best he could do. (I kind of like it better than the original anyway.)

    On a side note, can we actually get one of those pink custom AFBL basketballs made? That thing is sweet.

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