The Future, The Past

A.I. the “killer” is gone. Denver wasn’t even in my top 5 places, but that’s where he’s going. The Nuggets now have the two most thuggish players in the league which is pretty awesome. The Sixers continued their losing ways last night, which is also awesome. I’ve heard  a lot of things about Iverson and the Sixers lately, but nobody mentioned how smooth the transition between excitement and abysmal is going to be. I loved watching A.I. even as the team struggled. Now he’s gone and they are god awful. It looks increasingly promising that they’ll land the number one pick. Has anything like this ever happened before? A number one pick, Iverson, buoys a cities spirits for a decade leaves the city and the next year they get another number one pick.

It makes me excited to think about it. Then I remember who is in charge of drafting. I remember who is in charge of rebuilding the team. Then I hear about who he is bringing back to guide the squad. That is when I get scared, really, really scared. Larry Brown knows how to bring in players he can coach. He is a terrible talent evaluator on a cosmic scale. He knows how to squeeze the most from the least. Mo Cheeks has no idea how to squeeze the most from the most. If Larry Brown and Billy King assemble a team it really doesn’t matter which picks Philly has or how much cap space they’ve got. Those dudes’ll fuck it up. Send the bums out of here.

As for Denver, I don’t understand the trade. They will not win a championship. A.I. is going to get into a bad rhythm taking all the shots while Melo sits out for a month. When Melo gets back they’ll have trouble meshing. The trade will be a failure. George Karl will be fired.

Now and Then

Iverson will be doomed to a lifetime of irritating articles about his inability to play with other great ballers. Carmelo will have his growth stunted and will be traded to another team before he wins a championship. These are all facts. Mark it. While your at it mark this down too:

If the Eagles win against the Cowboys next Monday, they’re going to the Super Bowl. Those are all facts. You watch. I’m a genius.



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2 responses to “The Future, The Past

  1. my hope is :

    AI and melo become an unstoppable force , sweeping through the west.

    andre miller averages 20 assists a game for the rest of the season , helped by david stern’s ruling that the sixers be allowed to play with 7 guys on the court at once .

    even with the 2 man power-play advantage , the sixers barely squeak through the eastern conference finals .

    AI smokes them in the championship , and they dont get a lottery pick .

  2. LAC

    a possible #1 pick doesn’t matter. remember these words? “with the 2nd pick in the 1993 NBA draft the philadelphia 76ers pick Shawn Bradley from Brigham Young University”

    i heard doves cry that day.

    miller will be nice, but he has no one to distribute the ball to. i hear larry brown might be coming back to town?!

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