art project number 1 , love jim.

this is for anybody that likes playing guitar or making things out of wood.

i read this book recently about the history of the guitar in america , and one part goes into detail about the history of cigarbox guitars. the genesis being, lots of poor poeple couldnt afford a real intrument, so these things kind of grew out of necessity .

it’s something that’s pretty easy to make , and they are crazy looking .

this website has a lot of the details you need to make it happen…

it seriously only took a day to make. i’ll upload pics once i paint mine.



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3 responses to “art project number 1 , love jim.

  1. Look at Houserrrrrrrrr! Welcome to bliogosphere. I like it but where the fuck am I getting a cigar box?

  2. there is a cigar store on 3rd , just north of south st.
    they sell empty ones for 3 to 5 dollars.

    asked and answered.

  3. LAC

    i no have time for art projects. i have several unfinished sculptures and paintings, a few dating back to 2000. a stack of unfinished books, a basement that needs casing for the doorways and trim for the baseboard. a drum kit with an inch of dust and fiberglass piled on it. an entry way to be tiled, a bathroom to be refinished.

    in other words i’m great at coming up with ideas and starting projects, i suck at finishing them. i fail.

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