OH SNAP ! how did HE get in on this….

well, since there’s a serious lack of the “A” in AFBL lately , john has given me permission to spout occassionally as the resident art expert. if i find good art or good artists that i think folks might be into , i’ll give you all a holler about it .

for example : did you know good old isaac lin is in a show that opens tonight ? fleisher/ollman gallery…blah, blah,blah, yeah i pulled that off the space’s website , whatever. the art auction is tonight at the space too , in case you dwell beneath rocks.

i probably won’t post a lot. i dont really like a lot of art. and i promise to never spell check .

but since jay in writing about the NBA more than the AFBL , i figure i’ll do my part to keep this from becoming FREEYARROW.COM

and one of my “patrons” appears to be broke :

deal of a life time ….



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One response to “OH SNAP ! how did HE get in on this….

  1. jim ,

    you are so smart and funny !



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