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As much as I love Jay’s ramblings, there is AFBL business to attend to as well. I’ve just launched a new private AFBL StatVideo page. This page will allow everyone to take part in the joy that Don and I have had for years. By joy, I mean pain. You can all now participate in the stat keeping of the league. On this webpage page I will post games in their entirety, so that people can hop on and do some stats. When you’ve completed a game, email me the numbers and I will assemble them with that day’s daily totals. When a day is complete I will post that to the statabase for the world to enjoy. Co-0perative effort, that’s the dream.

I have to say that these videos are huge, The first one from Week 7 is 13 minutes and 30 seconds long (short by AFBL game standards) and is over 110 MBs. High speed connection is a must here. Also, DO NOT, email these links to your friends! My bandwidth is limited, so this is for us only.

OK, enough jabbering – email me for the link, and be a part of the stat solution.



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2 responses to “ABFL StatVideo

  1. yassmatass

    Nobody will do this. At all. I think I’ve proven that I care about this league more than anyone else and I have no desire to do this whatsoever.


  2. Joseph Rose

    Can I just DL videos of me making baskets so that I look cool?

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