Iverson Trade (more and re-thought)

The last post was rushed. Where do the real bloggers get the time to write as quantitatively as they do? Their word count and the frequency is staggering. Is it a matter of being a loser or do they have desk jobs? I do not have a desk job and you can ask your sister if I’m a loser. She’ll tell you yes. And if you don’t believe her, continue reading.

Though I do not have a desk job, I have constant access to a computer at my job. There I rushed through my last post on A.I. There I also keep my eyes on espn.com and the essential hoops hype. Essential to a nerd, that is. I want to know where Allen is going as soon as he is going there. Christmas is two weeks away but I am awaiting the result of the Iverson trade with greater anticipation. I compulsively check both of the aforementioned websites every five minutes. Luckily, it’s been slow at work the past week.

I don’t know why I care as much as I do about this trade. I just know that I do. It seems like sports writers care too. I imagine it is an exciting, jocular time for them, all vying to out-scoop each other. Stephen A. Smith threw Miami into the mix. Why not? Who confirms or denies this stuff? Everyone and no one. In addition to all the hearsey and hyperbole a lot of great stuff has been written. Harvey Araton of the New York Times continued his Jordan obsession, writing about the end of the synthetic Jordan era. Araton essentially writes that just as Iverson ushered in, or at least epitomized, a new era of basketball, his demanding a trade does the same thing. He continues that the league is shifting away from the belief that one player can win it all. The idea of team, from the Suns and Mavs to the Heat with Wade and Shaq has returned. Iverson and his 37 shot attempts in a single game are not only leaving Philadelphia, but the entire league in Araton’s opinion. Marc Stein wrote about Iverson’s ability to influence a trade even without a no-trade clause in his contract.  It is no wonder David Stern didn’t contact players about the various ball changes.  The league is filled with petulent divas.  Players like Alonzo Mourning, Gary Payton and Tracy McGrady can simply skulk away when traded to a team they don’t like.  They are a bunch of bi-polar crazies.  Iverson wants out of Philadelphia, but only on his terms.  The Sixers are in fact going to get Jeff Honacek Junior.  Bill Simmons over at espn.com wrote a very supportive article about Iverson. He made some of the points I made in my last post, but he essential writes that the next three years with Iverson will remain an exciting competitive player. However, he doesn’t mention if he thinks Iverson can win a championship. He reiterates an increasingly recurring theme: Iverson would draw people into the stadium.

As for the Sixers there were two interesting things said tonight. First Phil Jasner pointed out that this trade has little to do with Iverson and everything to do with the Sixers. The Sixers are not moving Iverson to become contenders this year. They are moving him, so they can move on and pursue a new direction. In my last post I wrote about the Sixers contending in the Atlantic. Jasner pointed out on Daily News Live, it doesn’t matter. They are attempting to blow the whole team up and start anew. If they win they win, if not it doesn’t matter. I agree with this assessment, but it brings up 3 problems.

1. I admit I have not watched many Sixers games this year. I’m trying to get into grad school, for a dummy like me is quite a arduous task. Therefore hence I have little time. I managed to watch the past two games in the post-Iverson era. It’s frightening. Who is going to watch this? There are no young players, there are no set plays, there is no defense, there is no nothing. It is disturbing. As you may have guessed, I read Bill Simmons frequently. He constantly bashes Doc Rivers. Tonight Rivers looked like a genius. The Celtics beat the Sixers by 20. 20! The Celtics who, according to Simmons, can’t establish a rotation, and therefore shouldn’t be in synch managed to total almost twice as many assists as the Sixers. Cheeks is an icon here so people attack Iverson for questioning Cheeks as a coach, but Cheeks stinks. I can’t think of a more stand up guy, but saving young girls isn’t the same as saving a dying basketball team.

2. At the end of last season Iverson and Webber arrived late to the last home game of the season. The fan appreciation game. They weren’t playing. When Billy King found out about his potentially truant stars, he lost his mind, screaming in a profanity laced tirade in front of plenty of people. After that game he swore that things would change for the Sixers. He lied. In the off season almost nothing changed. In the middle of the season everything is going to change. Okay, so maybe he didn’t lie. I don’t know why I assumed he would change things during the summer. I also don’t know why this guy is still here. First Ed Wade, then Bobby Clarke, please let Billy King be next.

3. Greg Oden. Did you see him crush teams with just his left hand? Holy cow. Someone on espn (the t.v. station) suggested the Sixers had figured a way to lose games intentionally without looking too shady. By waiting to trade Iverson, they could tank the season away and wait for the promising upcoming draft. I don’t want to root for the Sixers to lose. I want them to win. Ping Pong balls might pop Sixers direction, they might not. So, lets just win, okay guys?

It’s really hard to get excited about this team, if anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears or eyes. Actually until Iverson is traded my eyes will be occupied at work still waiting for the news on the little guy.



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5 responses to “Iverson Trade (more and re-thought)

  1. jfreeeeee

    Here’s what’s most likely to happen. The Sixers will get two and a half scabs with expiring contracts and a draft pick that will fade into nothingness, due to Billy King’s “vision.” We should all prepare for at least 3 to 5 years of horrible basketball, while rooting for AI wherever he lands, in addition to your backup team. (mine is the Suns/Mavs) Then again, there’s always the AFBL. AI is welcome anytime.

  2. El Amarin

    if i were to say to you that iverson could be traded for jeff hornacek, andrew lang and tim perry, would that be something you would be interested in?

    i’m pulling for a multi team trade to minnesota involving the bobcats absorbing some salary cap. there is no reason in hell the sixers should trade within the eastern conference (even though we all know the sixers will not do squat for the next 3-5).

    most likely a trade to the nuggets will happen. andre miller, kenyon martin and nene. + a future draft pick. for iverson and some scrub.

    you should ask for a subscription to slam for christmas. i used to read that mag on the reg when scoop jackson was writing.

  3. Lets start with the fact that Scoop Jackson is awful. Not just in my opinon, he is universally reviled. Next, I probably didn’t make this clear, but it doesn’t matter if the Sixes trade within the Eastern division. The Sixers are not going to be a viable championship contender for at least 3 years. If any team can give them 2 draft picks this year and an expiring contract then take it. I’m not interested in 40 cents on the dollar, I’m interested in lottery tickets for the dollar. I don’t think I want Billy King rolling the dice in the draft, but I only see the draft as a way to improve the team. Blow it up, start over. Personally I want A.I. with the Clippers. He could be great there, though he’ll get Dunleavy fired. My second choice is Minnesota with KG. Speaking of which, I’d love to see KG in Chicago unless A.I. joins him. Third I’d be curious to see him in Miami. I can’t see it working, so I’d like to see it attempted. Fourth the Lakers. I hate the Lakers, but him and Kobe? Non-stop fun. As to the first question, I would definitely take “jeff hornacek, andrew lang and tim perry.” They have no salaries. Imagine what kind of damage King can do with that much cap space cleared? I’m smelling big contracts for many years for middling players. Everyone needs to think about this in earnest. What is A.I.’s time frame to win a championship as the electric player we love? Let’s say 3 years. Can he do that with the Sixers in the next 3 years? Not with the assembled squad. Not the way he has quit on the organization. It’s unfortunately time for him and us to go our seperate ways. I love A.I. more than the Sixers. I want to see him on those various team so that he will win a championship. I will always root for A.I.

  4. you dont get lottery tickets , jay.

    you get ping pong balls.

    ZING !

  5. El Amarin

    f. it’s looking like the nuggets. thug life.

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