It Can’t Get Worse. (right?)

This is it. Its really serious now. No more kidding around. He’s really leaving. And where ever he winds up is going to be in for a real treat. I’m guessing Iverson will average 40 points and 6 assists this season. Why? Iverson works on spite. Remember when he went to the finals? The year before he went to the finals, the Sixers tried ditching him. He wanted to teach them a lesson. That lesson was: I’m good, really, really good. That is what made him so Philly. He was a mirror of the crazies that inhabit the city. He is a folk hero here. Hate him or love him, it doesn’t matter, one way or the other you feed into his mystique. His leaving adds to the lore of his story. Will it be another trade blunder on Billy King’s part or will he bring the right parts in? The whole league seems curious to see what happens with this trade. Billy King is as much a punchline asa GM right now. If he can make this work he can save his job. If he screws this up, he is out. Which means Mo Cheeks will be out. The Sixers are going to be radically different in three years. That is something to be excited about. You can also get excited if King brings in the right pieces. The Atlantic is a dreadful division. If King brings in 3 or 4 solid players the Sixers can win the division. Alter Webber’s role to be a point forward, put sure handed, defensive players around him and run a college style offense where the ball doesn’t hit the floor and the Sixers can win the division. It is a dream. Lots of teams are offering strange packages to King right now, but it seems like a lot of teams are scared of Iverson. Not because of personality issues, because of the age issues. If your waiting for Iverson to fall off physically, you’ll be waiting a long time. Iverson has inadvertently built himself to last. Kobe spends all summer working out, running around, lifting weights, generally wearing himself out. He”l be washed up by the time he hits 33. Iverson, on the other hand, spends his summers smoking weed, writing rap songs, drawing caricatures of friends and having sex with various ladies. Excepting the last one, those are not strenuous activities. He’s designed a plan to stay in great playing condition for a long time. He puts no extra miles on the odometer. And who ever gets him is going to realize this when he scores 84 points the first night he plays on their team.



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  1. jfreeeeee

    I’ll tell you this much – When he comes back into town on ANY opposing team. I will be there to watch the spectacle and cheer him on.

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