Sixers Now, Chuckers Later

Okay, so there’s close to a zero percent chance anyone came a knocking looking for the chuckers list, but lets just say they did, okay? I’m sorry, tonight I’m writing essays for college applications, I got caught up with a survey on Tuesday night and a flat on my bike and I decided to waste yesterday. Have you ever had a day just slip away from you? I went to bed last night and it felt like I had never woken up. It was a disturbing feeling. I watched the Sixers out the corner of my eye last night. They are a mess. It is another disturbing feeling to watch them attempt to play basketball. They are genuinely closer to AFBL than NBA. Its frightening to think about them finishing with a worse record than the Knicks, but right now, it is something that must be done. Webber stands out at the elbow, like I or John Freeborn would. Iverson drives around with the ball like Andrew Jones would. And Dalembert doesn’t use his size like Balzarini. Who wants to be Korver? We all stink at defense. It looked like the Bulls were making on average 3 passes a possession while the Sixers made maybe 1 per possesion. Statistically speaking the Sixers only had 7 fewer assists overall than the Bulls, so maybe my eyes deceived me. The big statistical categories were rebounds and shooting percentage. The Bulls hauled in 43 rebounds to the Sixers 29 and shot 61.5% to the Sixers 46.6%. These problems are all the same problems they had last year. Mo Cheeks is not working out. I don’t think they need a new coach right now. I think they need new players or players that will listen, but that isn’t going to happen. This team is really depressing. I don’t understand why basketball is so egotistical. If a team in the Atlantic division can be patient, can box out for rebounds and can run 5 or 6 offensive sets, they can win the division. New Jersey is 7-10 and in first. Its embarrassing. Unfortunately the players on the Sixers can’t get it together. And we have to watch crap. It will be more of what happened last night: Iverson running down the floor with no intention of passing. Not that he should, he has trash around him, but still it’s important to keep players involved. Last night he ran right past Webber a couple of times and I could see Webber get frustrated and quit on the play. Weak interior play by Dalembert and Iguodala, who is, incidentally, unable to finish at the rim like he should or make jumpers. This team needs to refocus. Or maybe just focus at all. They have an opportunity to win, I just don’t know if they will seize it.

Next week I promise to have the Chuckers Doctrine up. Not that you care.

Oh and one more thing, a quick follow up to J Free’s comment to last weeks re-cap. Do we need more players coming to the AFBL right now? I’m all for an influx of artists, but I’m already waiting a half an hour to play while a team with ringers tries to score 8 points. Imagine 20 people playing and 15 of them being AFers. I’d get a game in once a week. Instead of recruiting players how about working on stats?

–The Brickolator


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