Season 6, stats for week 2

VP of operation, and head of AV, Don Kahler has completed and inserted stats from week 2 into the AFBL Statabase. 10 monster games went down with 19 participants.

Stat Highlights:
Nicky Santore continues his bid for AFBL MVP, his first ever tripple double (32 Pts, 29 Rebs, 11 Steals) put him ahead of the pack.
Jason Haas continues, to get his named spelled differently, but posted a 2nd straight tripple double. (the normal way, 22 Pts, 12 Rebs, 11 Asts)
Rookie of the year is now a race, between last weeks upstart, Josh Ferguson, who continued his solid play, but now has some competition from Chris who posted a tripple double in his AFBL debut.
Isaac Lin made his return to the AFBL after several seasons off.

Highs and Lows:
Points/Game: Nicky Santore (4.6), John Freeborn (3.7), Tony Larson & Jason Haas (3.1)
FG%: Tony Larson (60%), John Freeborn (50%), Jay Yarow (8.7%)
Rebounds/Game: Nicky Santore (4.1), Andrew Freeborn (4.0), John Freeborn (3.3)
Assists/Game: Jason Haas (1.6), Chris (1.4), Isaac Lin (0.8)
Steals/Game: Nicky Santore (1.6), John Freeborn (1.1), 4 others tied at 1.0
Blocks/Game: Josh Ferguson (0.5), three others tied at 0.3

Fantasy Top 5:
Nicky Santore: 23.9
Jason Haas: 18.9
Chris: 17.9
John Freeborn: 11.1
Tony Larson: 10.5

– John Freeborn


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  1. Brick James

    I want everyone to take note that I did not guard Nicky in week 2.

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