Week 1, Stat Update .5

Stats are coming in from week 1, and they are not pretty. Overall shooting percentage of 26.8% is bad, even by AFBL standards. On top of that, the stats so far are only for the first 4 games. (of 8 total) Usually the numbers get worse as the day goes on.

Half days highs and lows after 4 of 8 games:
Total Points & Points/Game: Jason Hoss (14 / 3.5 Pts/Gm), Ballz was right there with 3.4 Pts/Gm, Yarrow (0.6 Pts/Gm)

Field Goal %: John Freeborn (41.7%), Yarrow (9.1%)
Total Rebounds & Rebounds/Game: Andrew Freeborn & John Freeborn (18), JohnFreeborn (5.1 Rebs/Gm), Kevin Henderson (5.0 Rebs/Gm)

Assists & Assists/Game: Kevin Henderson (5, 1.7 Ast/Gm), everyone had at least 1 – unheard of
TOs: Kevin Henderson Nicky Santore (6)

Steals: John Freeborn, Andrew Jones, and Jason Hoss (4)

Blocks: Andrew Freeborn (3)


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  1. Brick James

    Is it that hard to get my name right? Its Yarow. One r. I only mention it because my various female companions inevitably will google my name and if it doesn’t come up then how will they know how good I am at basketball? Secondly, I don’t play for stats. I play for rings and right now I’m looking at one for the thumb. Ya heard?

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