the time is near

Week 1 set the stage. Now, we have to bring the real stuff in Week 2. I’ve been drinking a lot of hot chocolate in preparation for Saturday’s games. What does hot chocolate do, you ask? I’m not 100% sure, but we’ll find out soon enough. Jay and I didn’t get our head to head battle, maybe we won’t even this weekend. But, it’s bound to happen eventually. It’s not really a major concern for me, I have my job to do. Keeping the L going, growing, and strong is my priority. Swatting Jay’s shots are the icing on the cake. It was hard not to do it, even when I was on his team last week.

Rumor has it we may have a few more rookies this Saturday. I’m also anxious to see if the Ballzman can repeat his performance from Week 1. Was it a fluke?

John Freeborn



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3 responses to “the time is near

  1. Brick James

    I don’t care much for the negative ads Freeborn puts out there. People like him in the Blogosphere are forced to be sensationalist and strident in tone. However if he wants to throw mud, we can throw mud. And on the court I will pistol whip him (metaphorically) right in front of his wife and all his “friends”.

  2. Joseph Rose

    oohhhhhhh shit.

  3. yassmatass


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