Who Said the Game Ain’t Fair?

One weekend on and in the books in the vainglorious AFBL. Near perfect turnout with 14 active roster players, 12 playing and 2 in street clothes, sitting out (I assume due to injury). The AFBLers holding down the bench were not in business casual attire. Controversy? Perhaps. On court, talent battled against grit. A scrappy group of players with no discernable reason for being on a basketball court balled against a group of players with so much talent they were able to put AFBL future HOFer AJW on the bench to start the third game. The Grit team consisted of Yarow, J. Freeborn, Rose, Balzarini, Ferguson, and Henderson. The talent team was A. Freeborn, A. Jones, Haas, Collerd, Santore and AJW, who was later signed to Grit in a splashy between games move to bolster the Grit for game four after they lost the Ferguson wild card to time constraints.

The amazing thing about last weekend was that the two teams played to a 2-2 overall tie. Generally the day plays out like this: One team dominates another team three games in a row. We switch it up for the fourth, get confused about our teammates, stop caring and end the day with a whimper instead of a bang. This weekend, in spite of a huge talent disparity, the games evened out, with some even calling for a rematch next weekend. This proves that the cap and revenue sharing are working in the AFBL and we may look back on season 6 as the season where parity finally took hold of the AFBL. We might not though. Who knows? The competition is leveling off. Who said the game wasn’t fair? A god damned loser.

The reaching across the aisle continued as J. Freeborn and Mr. Yassy played on the same team. Though Yassy started to get suspicious of Free as the midterm elections approach Free began to reshape his message. In the pre season it was all about the battle on the court, improving the game, reshaping of the league, or as he coined it “league building.” His popularity soared. Now in a strange move, Free is adjusting his message to discuss the economics of the league. He’s looking for 20 dollars from everyone. I’m pretty sure thats not the way to win votes. I could be wrong. Either way I recommened everyone give him the money so we can keep playing.


Will he or won’t he? Every Monday I’ll keep you updated as to whether Houser bothers to show up and if he does what his peformance was really like. He’s got a lot of friends in the media and we all know how they protect superstars. This blog is going to disabuse all the junk those hacks put to broadsheet. So far NO Houser. A tear runs down the cheek of chucking fans everywhere. Hey, you still got Andrew Jones!

Brick James

update 10/23 12:30pm–Houser allegedly came to McCall saw tables set up in the gym and left. You know what everyone else that saw the tables did? They folded the tables up and moved them out of the way so they could play. This is a parable about Jim Houser.


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  1. the answer

    gossip is a small thing to a GIANT .

    it’s time to check those tapes !

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