First Day of Season 6

On Saturday afternoon AFBL Season 6 began. At first it seemed like it might not happen. When I arrived at the gym, it was full of lunch tables and volunteer workers were milling about. I refused to let this stop me, and got to sorting out the issue. Within 15 minutes or so the tables were being cleared and I was sweeping the floor. As usual the AFBLers show up late, so there was no real delay. The crew was out in good numbers for the kickoff. I think we had 11 by 1:30 so play commenced. AJWright showed up late, and even Jason Bui came, but just to have his picture taken and shoot some video. I took a few post game pics, check them out.
The real surprise of the day was Jon Ballzarini who made an early bid for MVP and Most Improved all at once. He was being guarded, stood near, by Andrew Freeborn, but Jon’s new array of moves and his newly-found and sound jumper had everyone in the building shaking their heads. Rookie Josh Ferguson made a strong statement for ROY. Joe Rose returned for the first time since his car crash accident and looked better than ever. Yaz was his usual self, turning it on for a minute, only to disappear for 20. Intense defense was played by Team Grit: Yaz, Jon Ballz, John Freeborn, Josh, Joe Rose, and Kevin Henderson. Team Talent: Andrew Freeborn, Andrew Jones, Jason Hass, Ryan, AJ Wright, and Nicky Santore fought hard. The tally for the day was tied, 2 games a piece. Everyone was too tired to play the tiebreaker.

John Freeborn



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3 responses to “First Day of Season 6

  1. Joseph Rose

    I scored the first point of the season. Just putting that out there for all the AFBL historians.

  2. tonyroni

    i gave yall all a warm-up week cause my pinky was hurt.

  3. hurt pinky, that’s an amazingly weak excuse for being scared.

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